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Some people are surprised when they find out that I didn't learn to swim until I was 10 years old.  I then didn't learn to swim properly until I was 18.  Looking back now, after being involved in swimming and lifesaving for the past 25 years, I realise what I missed out on when I was young.  It was this that made me determined that other children would not miss out on the great opportunities that swimming brings.


After learning my trade at various leisure centres and clubs, I founded Shinkai Swimming School with a clear objective:


To teach children and adults how to swim, how to swim properly and to make them as comfortable and able in the water as they can be.


I am pleased to say that over the 15 years of being in the swimming business, I have done exactly that, teaching children and adults to swim and also training swimmers and lifesavers up to national and international competitors. 


At Shinkai we believe in teaching correct technique from the very start of a swimmer's journey with us.  This produces more efficient and competent swimmers.  We do this by keeping group sizes small, with lots of teacher support, giving technical input and feedback throughout the lesson. 


If you would like to join us for lessons, or to arrange a visit to the swimming school,  contact us on 07847 383830


Ryan Neal


Shinkai Swimming School

Swimming Lessons held at:

Sir Joseph Williamson's Maths School.

Maidstone Road





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